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Indian Pilgrim

Fish Dog Obamacare

WWII Memorial

Obama Pelosi Smooth One

Summer Fall

Bomb or Not Bomb Syria

Dog Cat Economy

Chemical Weapons Russia China

John Boehner


Neighborhood Watch

Entitlements Granny

Power Companies

Evil Web of Addiction

Big Brother Watching

Text Driving

Pawn Hope & Change

Entertainment Companies

Pelosi & Obama Obamacare

Darke County Noxious Weeds

School Bond Issue

Obama Reid Boehner

Forbidden Fruit

Government Shutdown Grandma

Boehner Obama Obedient

Sarin Gas

Cat Dog Drugs

Government School

Stretched to the Limit

Wave Victory Party

Greenville Bond Wright

Greenville Bond Issue Vote

Chemical Weapons

Sequester Big Bad Wolf

Gas Twinkies

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